Criminal Defense

You Are innocent until proven guilty

At DBC Law Firm P.C., we believe criminal conduct is one of a lawyer’s highest callings. Our experienced trial lawyers are not afraid of the courtroom and truly uphold the tenant that you are innocent until proven guilty.

We Can Help You:


DBC Law Firm aggressively represents people accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including a prescribed drug or medical marijuana). Because charges can lead to criminal and administration consequences including a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, Dodd Law firm approaches every case with unique, personalized attention. DBC Law Firm has a history of success exposing flaws in the DUI investigation and prosecution process and ensuring you the best possible outcome.

Domestic Violence / Sex Crimes

Charges of domestic violence or sex crimes can lead to criminal penalties, the loss of civil rights, and the loss of parental rights. The attorneys at DBC Law Firm will fight your criminal charges and work to prevent any loss of civil or parental rights.

Drug Charges

Illegal drug charges can range from simple possession for personal use to manufacturing, importation, and distribution of drugs nationwide. Often, these charges involve searches and seizures in homes or vehicles and require careful analysis of law enforcement procedure and constitutional compliance.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can be more damaging than you may think. In Montana, they are considered a misdemeanor and can have a significant impact on your life including: monetary fines, jail time, suspension or loss of your driver’s license, and impact the ability to travel to other countries, such as Canada.

Other Criminal Charges

DBC Law Firm will also defend you against the following types of criminal charges: Assault and battery, business crimes, theft, vehicular homicide, negligent or deliberate homicide, and weapons charges.

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