What Montana’s New Expungement Law Means for Those with Prior Convictions

Montana will soon join the rising tide of states that are giving those convicted of criminal offenses a second chance. On April 13, 2017, Governor Steve Bullock signed House Bill 168, which provides people an opportunity to expunge—to completely wipe—away records of prior misdemeanor convictions. Montanans can apply for to have these records wiped away […]

Guest Post: Trial Lawyer Traits

Whether you are a doctor, carpenter or a writer, success in any industry is more often than not achieved through dedication and hard work. The same applies in law. Regardless of whether you practice criminal law, family law or immigration law, there are inherent characteristics and qualities that successful trial lawyers uniformly possess. Below are […]

What Montana’s 24/7 Sobriety Program Means for Those Accused of DUI

Montana’s 24/7 Sobriety Program (M.C.A. §§ 44-4-1201 through 1206) requires that those charged with or convicted of a second or subsequent DUI (or their first aggravated DUI) take twice-daily breathalyzer tests and pay for each test. Because citizens are charged $2 for each test and must participate in the program for an average of 160 […]

DUI Detection Course | Sept. 17-19, 2015 | Big Sky, MT

Participants will learn how to: properly administer the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, walk & turn and one leg stand during two (2) live alcohol workshops; recognize and interpret the standardized clues; understand the standardized scoring criteria; recognize and Interpret NHTSA cues of impairment during the three phases of a DUI stop vehicle in motion, personal contact & […]

Getting a DUI in Montana Could Soon Be Twice As Costly

In response to reports that Montana is one of the least punitive states in the nation for DUIs, the Montana Senate voted to approve a bill that would double minimum fines for DUI[i] convictions. In addition to doubling the minimum fine on all DUI offenses, the bill also imposes a $300 fine on anyone believed […]

Always Remember to Lock the Front Door…of Your Facebook Account

While Montana is generally a safe place to live, the easiest way to keep intruders out of your house is to simply lock the door behind you. Similarly, a Montana judge recently ruled that “locking” your Facebook Account gives you a reasonable expectation that no unauthorized users, including law enforcement, can invade your virtual privacy. […]